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Workshop on “Lean Project Management Best Practices” – for establishing a Reliable Construction timeline.
To stay competitive in today’s highly dynamic market situation, organizations are looking for ways to increase productivity and reducing waste in their projects to ensure profitable, sustainable business operations as well as to be a responsible corporate. It also calls for individuals to retool their skill set to be part of this exciting and challenging journey. Whilst such an initiatives are gaining momentum, lot more needs to be done in order to institutionalize this approach. The first step is to establish a reliable and practical planning, monitoring, controlling system in projects to removes the necessity of last minute firefighting which in turn reduce the productivity and quality of works.
A structured way of planning the project should involve all the stakeholders at right time and ensure proper making ready of activities by managing risk and work within the constraints of the project. It also gives an opportunity to learn lessons from daily failures and manage day-to-day issues in an effective way bringing predictability and reliability to construction commitments. To facilitate this transition, PMI Bangalore India Chapter in collaboration with Constask Management Solutions LLP brings this one-day workshop on “Lean Project Management Best Practices” which is gaining popular acceptance among the industry players now.