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Elections to the Board PMI Bangalore India Chapter.

PMI Bangalore India Chapter invites nominations for the six vacant positions of Directors. The Nominating Committee that was formed by the Chapter Board on July 29, 2017 will conduct the elections to these positions. The Elections will be conducted as per the Charter provided by the Board to the Nominating Committee.

This volunteering opportunity has been posted in the Volunteer Relationship Management System (VRMS) and the opportunity id is 11590. 

General Roles and Responsibilities of the Directors

These are positions in the Board of PMI Bangalore India Chapter, and are non-remunerative, voluntary and honorary in nature with tenure of two years. The elected Directors are expected to serve the Chapter on various disciplines that include, but are not limited to Finance, Communications, Special Programs, Member/External Relationship and Marketing, as decided by the Board.

The following are the Roles & Responsibilities of the Directors:

  • Directors drive the various initiatives of the chapter. The Directors will be required to take up various roles/initiatives as needed by the chapter to function.
  • The Chapter uses the services of volunteers and vendors for driving many of the initiatives and the Directors are required to coordinate with them.
  • Directors are required to attend the Board Meeting and other meetings and conference calls that are scheduled to carry out the activities of the Chapter.
  • Directors are required to participate in decision-making process to review and provide concurrences on various matters related to the Chapter.
  • Directors are required to be physically stationed in Bangalore and commit time to perform the roles accepted by them.
  • Directors must adhere to the Chapter Bylaws.


  1. Should be a Member of good standing in PMI and PMI Bangalore India Chapter for more than two consecutive years as on August 01, 2017.
  2. Should be a resident of Bangalore at the time of submitting the nominations and should continue to be resident of Bangalore during the period of time the Director’s position is held so that he/she can effectively contribute towards the Chapter activities.
  3. Should be available to devote necessary time to effectively lead various initiatives and activities of the Chapter.
  4. Should have contributed to Project Management Profession through PMI Bangalore India Chapter/PMI/Other PMI Chapters/Other Professional bodies.
  5. Preference will be given to members who possess a valid certification from PMI.
  6. Candidates who have already spent three consecutive terms on the board in the immediate past are not eligible for being elected for a fourth consecutive term.
  7. Preference maybe given by the Nominating Committee to have a diverse representation in the board.
  8. The Nominating Committee will have the right to disqualify nominees who does not meet the evaluation criterion and/or found to have provided inadequate, incomplete or inaccurate information in the nomination form.
  9. Should have minimum 10 years of experience in the project management domain.
  10. Should not be an active board / committee member of any other PMI Chapter or Community of Practice at the time of filing the nomination form.

Selection Process:

The selection process for the positions will be carried out in the following manner:

  1. A separate email from the Nomination Committee is sent to all the PMI Bangalore India Chapter members informing them about the Volunteering options as “Director on Board of PMI Bangalore India Chapter” and requesting them to apply through VRMS system.
  2. Nominating Committee will scrutinize, evaluate all the nominations received through the VRMS and a shortlist of candidates will be called for an in-person interview.
  3. After the in-person interview process is completed, if there are more than required number of valid nominations, the Nominating Committee may decide to go for an election. In the event of an election, the Nominating Committee will communicate the balloting process to all the chapter members.
  4. The Nominating Committee will announce the names of the elected Directors after completing the election process.
  5. The Board of PMI Bangalore India Chapter will induct the newly elected Directors into the Board on a specific date after due consultation with the Nominating Committee.

Election calendar:





Invite nominations for positions

9 Aug 2017


Last date for submission of nominations in VRMS, mailing soft copy of COI declaration and  photograph

24 Aug 2017


Short list candidates for interviews

28 Aug 2017


Completion of Candidate Interviews and publishing of shortlisted candidates

12 Sep 2017


Last date of withdrawal of nominations

13 Sept 2017



Voting (if required) begins

Will be announced later if necessary


Voting ends.

Will be announced if necessary


Publish list of elected members of the Board

On or before 09 Oct 2017


All candidates are obligated to abide by the rules established by the Nomination Committee as follows: 

  1. Use of PMI Funds or Resources: No funds or resources of PMI, or its Components or employees, shall be used to support the nomination or election of any candidate or group of candidates except for information posted on the official PMI Bangalore India Chapter Election & Nominations Site or published through other PMI Bangalore India Chapter media in direct support of the election process.
  2. Candidates’ Communication. Candidates may communicate, one-on-one, regarding their candidacy only if the communication focuses on their qualifications. Mass communications are prohibited. The candidates may not make reference to any other candidate or any existing or past Directors or Employees of PMI or PMI Bangalore India Chapter.
  3. Campaign Materials. No candidate or PMI Bangalore India Chapter member may utilize any campaign materials such as posters, buttons/lapel pins, group activities or sponsorships to promote a candidate.
  4. Candidates’ Communications with PMI and/or Chapter. Candidates can discuss the position with a member of the Nominating Committee. Specific requirements of the position in terms of time, expense, meeting schedules, and administrative assistance could be explored.
  5. PMI Promotion of Particular Candidates. PMI and its components may not participate in any activity or provide opportunities at any PMI-sponsored or PMI component functions that promotes or negatively impacts a particular candidate.
  6. Election Material Acceptance. The Board of the PMI Bangalore India Chapter will accept only election material provided by the Nominating Committee.
  7. Compliance with Election Activity Rules. The Nomination Committee will ensure that all nominees, as a condition of expressing their interest in being a nominee, will submit a signed copy of this Rule of the Board verifying that they have read, understood and agree to abide by these policies and rules. This includes the following statement: “As a condition of my potential nomination or candidacy, I agree that I will not initiate, encourage, accept or endorse conduct on behalf of my potential nomination or candidacy which is in violation of the policy relating to the election as adopted by the PMI Bangalore India Chapter Board of Directors. I will continue to abide by the regulations framed by the Chapter/PMI from time to time. To violate this policy may result in revocation of my nomination by petition or candidacy for office.”
  8. Nominating Committee & PMI Communications with Candidates. The Nominating Committee Chair, with the assistance of the Board, shall supervise all communication to potential nominees, nominees and candidates, including any requests for the completion of the Nominee Qualification Form and the candidate package.

Please Click Here to apply to the position online on VRMS.

Please Click Here to download the candidate package and Conflict of Interest declaration form.
Please email the filled-in and signed document by Aug 24, 2017 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..